22 August 2017 Cumulative loss due to air pollution from midnight to 4p.m. today
No. of Deaths No. of Hospital Bed-days No. of Doctor Visits
Total economic loss (HKD)
Loss of tangible cost (HKD) Loss of tangible cost included direct health care costs (valued as bed days used, cost of visits plus travel costs) and value of lost productivity due to work absence caused by sickness or early death. Loss of healthy life value (HKD) Loss of healthy life value is the loss of life value attributable to pain and suffering from diseases and death.

Air pollutants concentration in different regions of Hong Kong

Unit: microgram/m3 (hourly average)
(22/8 16:00)
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Very Bad (Exceeded WHO short-term level)

Not Good (Exceeded WHO annual level)

Acceptable (Below WHO annual level)

Data not available

Air pollution concentration – Station ---Urban Rooftop Station---22 August 2017
Fine particulates
Respirable particulates
Nitrogen dioxide
Sulphur dioxide
from Environmental Protection Department

Traffic condition (from Transport Department)

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Number of deaths due to air pollution last year Comparison of air pollution related loss with other statistics last year
1187 Cardiovascular 2.1 times that of accidental deaths
378 Cerebrovascular 7.8 % of the non-accidental deaths
1298 Respiratory 9.6 % of medical expenditure
273 Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases 0.43 times that of deaths due to smoking
  1.81 times that of deaths due to passive smoking